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Historical personalities in Romania

Have a look at this presentation made by Romanian team about their choice of historical personalities.

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The last battle between Traian, the king of Roman Empire and Decebal, the king of Dacia

We all know that along the history there were many wars and many victims , we know that nothing will repair their damages, but we know one thing, that we can learn from their mistakes. For example we are here with two big enemies Decebal the king of Dacia (today the South part of Romania) and Traian the king of the Roman empire.

They hated each other very much. A lot of people died because of them. So why we don’t go back in time to see their mistakes. We are here in the year 106 now a big war is happening and as you can see there are only ruins and dead people, but wait it looks like there are 2 soldiers left… oh wait those are the two kings Decebal and Traian.

Alexandra, Andrei and Robert from Romanian team, present you a short performance about the last battle  between the kings Traian and Decebal.

The end is very sad, Decebal killed himself, such a shame.  Traian is going home to celebrate his victory , that got Dacia under his power for 170 years.

In Rome, the capital of Italy, is an important monument called Traian Column, where are sculptured in stone the sequences of the battles between Dacian and Romans, showing the Dacians’ bravery to defend their land.

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Andreea, Ancuța and Miruna from Romanian team decided to make a short film for you about a great personality from Romanian history, Stefan the Great.

In the Suceava city, near Falticeni, is the citadel of Suceava which was the capital of the Principality of Moldavia and  where Stefan the Great reigned 47 years (1457-1504).

During his reign, he strengthened Moldavia and maintained its independence against the ambitions of Hungary, Poland  and the Ottoman Empire, which all sought to subdue the land.  Stephen achieved fame in Europe for his long resistance against the Ottomans.

He was victorious in 46 of his 48 battles, after each battle he built a monastery.

Please watch the film and enjoy of our work !

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The legend of the bat

A Romanian legend says that a young king named Bat, went once to discover the country. So, he came to a village where a witch lived. Villagers advised the King not to enter into the cave of that witch, but he did not listen them and went there. Seeing the king, the witch turned him into a mouse and gave him to her cat. Then it began a mad rush until the king-mouse managed to enter in a church and steeple there, avoiding the witch’s cat. Continue reading “The legend of the bat”

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The legend of the pigeon

Long time ago, there was a young prince who liked to hunt animals in the forest.

One day, in the middle of the forest, he saw on a charming lake a boat hosting a wonderful girl. The prince fell in love with her, wishing to see her again. In the next days, he didn’t find the girl at the lake and  in a moment of agony he went to a witch to help him see the girl who had stolen his heart. Continue reading “The legend of the pigeon”