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Historical Figures in legends-A presentation.

Dear Friends,

One of the students from Erasmus+ group prepared an amazing presentation about the Historical Figures….Polish-legends

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Historical facts and myth in legends

Boruta was a devil and also a noble man who died because of his greed and thoughtless behaviour. Now I will present a film but later we will tell you a legend. What is really interesting is a metaphorical sense of it, connected even with German history or inhumane instincts the Nazi had. Destruction, killing and meanness.

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Historical Facts in myth and legends and some famous personalities.

The subject is so interesting. We have a lot of different legends connected with famous kings and queens. I would like to introduce a nice presentation about Master Twardowski, King John III Sobieski, Jakub Wejher, Czech, Lech and Rus,places, fact, people connected with legends. Enjoy it and know Polish history and legends a little bit better. Download the presentation: Historical facts, myths and personalities in legends.

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Historical Facts

We have a lot of legends connected with places and people who used to live and create different stories we have remembered for a long time.

Legend about King Popel and miceLegenda o Popielu.png

King Popiel and the mice.

Long ago, in Krushwicy by Gopło lake there was a King Popiel. The King liked feasts and hunting a lot but didn’t care about his people and  land. His wife , a German queen, wasn’t either popular among ordinary villagers. Continue reading “Historical Facts”

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Mysteries and legends

We had a great art workshop connected with legends following great Czech presentation on 21 March, Open Days at our school for students from middle schools. They were under impression of our activities and joined us.We talked and painted the characters from diffrent legends. We were focused on Romania and the legend about Dracula and a beautiful castle in Bran. Students prepared a nice quiz to find out something about our legends and Dracula.See you in Romania very soon. quiz about legends

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Legends and mysteries


Another interesting legend connected with the sea and the place we will definitely visit when you come to Poland.

A legend about Jurata
Jurata owes its name to the legendary queen who fell in love with a local fisherman. Some argue that Jurata was a siren, others believe it to be the queen of the sea. It was the name of a Lithuanian goddess of the Baltic Sea.

Jurata lived on the seabed in the amber palace. She ruled in the depths, but also was favorable to fishermen. When she learned that Kastytis  a fisherman caught too many fish, she decided to punish him. She swam to his boat, but when she saw him, immediately fell in love with him. She forgot about the punishment and took  the fisherman with her to her underwater palace. They lived there happily until the moment when she learned about the mortal god Perkun. Jealous of beautiful Jurata, lightning crashed amber castle, and his mistress chained chains to the bottom of the sea.

  Continue reading “Legends and mysteries”