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Historical facts and myth in legends

Boruta was a devil and also a noble man who died because of his greed and thoughtless behaviour. Now I will present a film but later we will tell you a legend. What is really interesting is a metaphorical sense of it, connected even with German history or inhumane instincts the Nazi had. Destruction, killing and meanness.

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Mysterious Emperor Rudolph II, patron of arts, collector of curiosities…

Alex, Klára, Bára and Klára prepared a very nice presentation about our emperor Rudoplh II who was famous for his effort to find the Philosopher’s Stone bringing Europe’s best alchemists to court. Rudolf even performed his own experiments in a private alchemy laboratory. He gave Prague a mystical reputation with Alchemists’ Alley on the grounds of Prague Castle, a popular visiting place and tourist attraction. Rudolf is also the ruler in many of the legends of the Golem of Prague.

Download the presentation here: Rudolph II

Watch a video if you are more interested in this topic:

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Historical Facts

We have a lot of legends connected with places and people who used to live and create different stories we have remembered for a long time.

Legend about King Popel and miceLegenda o Popielu.png

King Popiel and the mice.

Long ago, in Krushwicy by Gopło lake there was a King Popiel. The King liked feasts and hunting a lot but didn’t care about his people and  land. His wife , a German queen, wasn’t either popular among ordinary villagers. Continue reading “Historical Facts”

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Curtea de Arges Monastery

The legend says that Prince Negru Voda (Radu Negru) the founder of Wallachia, with nine great masters and Manole the tenth, were looking down Arges river for a place to build the most beautiful monastery. During construction, because the walls of the monastery would continuously crumble, the Prince threatened to kill Manole and his workers. Continue reading “THE LEGEND OF THE MASTER BUILDER MANOLE”

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Lady,s Rocks ,Rarău Montain

In 1538, when Moldova was ruled by Petru Rares, the Turks led by Suleiman the Magnificent attacked the fortress of Suceava. Petru Rares, betrayed by his boyars, went wandering over the mountains and his wife, Elena, took shelter in the caves and rocks from the top of Rarau Mountains, along with her son Stefanita and a part of her fortune. Continue reading “THE LEGEND OF THE LADY’S ROCKS FROM RARAU MOUNTAINS”