Mobility 2 in Slovakia – 12/06 – 16/06/2017

  • Short-term student exchange in SK.
  • A short seminar about mysterious stories or tales.
  • Field trips to a Slovak castle or museum.
  • The legend of Jánošík.
  • Quiz (What have you learned so far?)
  • Presentation of the outcomes finished so far (Brainstorming +discussion).
  • Group work, Presentations / Word Doc.
  • Newsletter.
  • Adding new vocabulary to the dictionary


Programme of the mobility: MEETING PROGRAMME SLOVAKIA 2017

Photos from CZ camera are HERE

Photos from CZ mobile phone are HERE

Photos by Jurko (SK) are HERE

Photos by Andrea (RO) are HERE

Photos by Gracjan (PL) are HERE

Great video made by Gracjan from PL:

One more great video made by Tereza from SK:

Have a look at the presentation with students impressions: HERE

Download the newsletter made by PL team: Newsletter- Slovakia 2017-zmiana

Download the presentation about Spiš Castle: SPIŠ-CASTLE


  • Quiz questions with answers about Czech Republic – download czech republic
  • Quiz questions with answers about Poland – download poland
  • Quiz questions with answers about Romania – download romania
  • Quiz questions with answers about Slovakia – download slovakia
  • Picture puzzle about famous Czech legends – download old czech legends