Mobility 2 in Slovakia – 06/2017

  • Short-term student exchange in SK.
  • A short seminar about mysterious stories or tales.
  • Field trips to a Slovak castle or museum.
  • The legend of Jánošík.
  • Quiz (What have you learned so far?)
  • Presentation of the outcomes finished so far (Brainstorming +discussion).
  • Group work, Presentations / Word Doc.
  • Newsletter.
  • Adding new vocabulary to the dictionary


Programme of the mobility: MEETING PROGRAMME SLOVAKIA 2017

Photos from camera are HERE

Photos from mobile phone are HERE

Photos by Jurko (SK) are HERE

Great video made by Gracjan from PL:

Download the newsletter made by PL team: Newsletter- Slovakia 2017-zmiana

Download the presentation about Spiš Castle: SPIŠ-CASTLE