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Mythical horse “Šemík” and a famous fox called “Bystrouška”

Have a look at the presentation made by the Czech team.

You will learn some facts about a clever fox…

…and a brave horse who saved Horymír riding on his back.


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Emil Škoda – the man whose name is on Czech cars called Škoda.

You might recognize some actresses appearing in the short film made by our students. It is about Emil Škoda who was born in Plzeň on November 19, 1839 to a physician and politician František Škoda, and mother Anna Říhová. Škoda studied engineering and in 1866 became chief engineer of a machine factory which he bought three years later and began to expand it, building a railway connection to the facility in 1886 and adding an arms factory in 1890 to produce machine guns for the Austro-Hungarian Army. His facilities continued to expand over the next decade, and he incorporated his holdings in 1899 as the Škoda Works.


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Mysterious Emperor Rudolph II, patron of arts, collector of curiosities…

Alex, Klára, Bára and Klára prepared a very nice presentation about our emperor Rudoplh II who was famous for his effort to find the Philosopher’s Stone bringing Europe’s best alchemists to court. Rudolf even performed his own experiments in a private alchemy laboratory. He gave Prague a mystical reputation with Alchemists’ Alley on the grounds of Prague Castle, a popular visiting place and tourist attraction. Rudolf is also the ruler in many of the legends of the Golem of Prague.

Download the presentation here: Rudolph II

Watch a video if you are more interested in this topic: