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Amazing impressions from Havirov in Czech

We visited a lot of incredible places, enjoyed the time integrating, singing, dancing and having fun going to historical traces:

Last weekend i spent with my friends in the Czech republic. That was amazing time for me. This time allowed me to relax and met a great people with diffrent countries. After these days i have a lot of energy to work. Erasmus allowed me know the culture and see a beautiful buildings. Havieřzow is an exceptional city and i am happy that I was there. I am sure that I come back here. Gracjan Jaffke

Our trip to Czech for me was very intresting and also productive. I met a lot of new people and spend with them quite a lot of time. We had great time having fun when we was in the city and spend nights in hotel playing games. I have visited a lot of places and learn about their history. Memories from that trip was awesome and i can’t wait to meet next time my new friends. Wiktoria Skoczke
Trip to Havirov in Czech Republic was amazing! Apart from visiting a lot of museums, glorious Buzov Castle and hiking, I had opportunity to see my friends from previous exchanges in Romania and Slovakia. I enjoyed the trip to downtown of Olmouc, really beautiful city with lovely fountains. The schedule was pretty good planned, there was a balance between sightseeing and free time. I’m looking forward to see my friends again during the last meeting in Poland. Aleksandra Czajkowska
At the begining of our trip I was very stressed. It was absolutly unnecessary. Journey proved to be very interesting and productive. Everything was organized perfect. We weren’t bored and newly met people were amazing. I hope, that soon there will be an opportunity to repeat such a meeting.
Robert Mach
I am so suprise that foreign exchange. The Czech is breathtaking country with historical place and beautiful places. I am glad for new relations and enjoy time with us. I hope, to back again to Havirov.
Michał Miler

I’m so impressed by exchange programme. It was amazing week spent with new foreign friends. Czech Republic is beautiful country and has a lot of breathtaking traditional buildings. I think I will come back here one time. Maciej Hemlich
Week in the Czech Republic. This is the best week that I could imagine. I spent a nice time, I met wonderful friends with whom I will certainly be in touch. There were many attractions and many places where we could learn new things. Day in the mountains was great, beautiful views. The weather did not disappoint us – the weather was wonderful. I spent the whole week actively and entertaining with nice people. I also improved my language skills. This time he taught me a lot. I am happy that I could take part in the Erasmus plus program and spend time in such a wonderful way. I will remember this trip until the end of my life. Marta Piotrowicz
During this week in Czech Republic i spent an amazing time. I knew new people and made friends with some of them. I visited a breathtaking places and improved my English. I am glad that i could take part in this exchange. Lena Kołodziej

Thursday-Erasmus+description of Havirov trip _MG_9948_MG_9601_MG_9501_MG_9351_MG_9267

On Tuesday our team arrived at old iron works near
Olomouc. This place transformed into center of science (like our experiment). Between old structures, rises great building of science. After a quick purchase of tickets we were going to inside and got to know stranger things. We spent around 2 hours in this awesome place. Besides sightseeing, we were watching nature life in 3D. In the end we were going to illusion exhibition. After going out of there we did not know what is real and what is illusion. It was an amazing experience. Then we were going to outskirts to the planetarium. It was big building with three domes. After few minutes we sat down on comfortable chair and seeing the changing, beautiful sky. We traveled from star to star and from planet to planet. And that is how we met our nearest heaven. After projection and short break we going to onward journey.At the end of our day we were going to Landek – the largest mining exposition in Czech Republic. We saw how the miners were working and how thier life looked like. This was very interesting experience, because we had to went underground and walking in narrow corridors. There was cold and humidity, but we liked it. When we returned to the hotel we had dinner and then free time. This day was very tiring, but also quite interesting.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Izabela Pałucka.
Zdjęcie użytkownika Izabela Pałucka.
Zdjęcie użytkownika Izabela Pałucka.
Zdjęcie użytkownika Izabela Pałucka.
Zdjęcie użytkownika Izabela Pałucka.
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Folks and Poems-Devil’s Dance

Dear Friends, I am sharing with you another interesting story prepared by Maciek Hemlich.


In a certain village in a inn was a party. There came a lot of young people and musicians played music to dance. The girls were dressed like dolls and they swept the floor with their costumes. Only one wasn’t lucky because nobody danced with her. She was sittting alone in the corner and she sight to herself ‘If somebody showed me a little mercy and if devil (Purkt) came I would dance with him’. Immediately when she thought about it, the noise appeared as if the inn was falling down. Suddenly the one appeared similiar to the devil with big hornes and with fire in the mouth. He hit a floor by hooves and grabbed the girl for her dress and disappeared. Immediately participants of the party spread and run away as far as it possible from the inn.

Devils' dance In the village people told different stories in the secret how the Black Devil with hornes, horse hooves and cow tail kidnapped a girl to hell, that one who wanted to dance with him at the party.

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Folks and Poems-Sick cows, old kashubians stories.

Dear Friends, we started working on a new topic: Folks and poems. I would like to share with you one of the most interesting kashubian folk stories prepared by Lena Kołodziej-our Erasmus+ group member……Some of the stories seem to be strange but people told them from generation to genaration.
Sick Cows

Someone cast a spell on the farmer’s cows. They stopped giving milk and started dying. The farmer went to the sheperd and asked him for advice. The sheperd ordered from the blacksmith three sharp nails. On Sunday during the mass, he came in the cowshed and hammerd the nail in the wall. Next Sunday he hammerd a second nail and the last one for the third one. When he was hammering the last nail in the village died certain man. When people were undressing him, they noticed three holes in his body. First was in right shoulder, second in left and third right next to his heart. After this situation all farmer’s cows got better and none of the cows died.