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Historical Figures in Legends-the figure of Jan from Kolno

Dear Friends,

We would like to tell the story about Jan from Kolno. I hope you will enjoy it, compared with Columbus.

Jan z Kolna”

(‘Jan from Kolno’)

Long time ago, at a small village Kolno where lived young Jan. He loved sea since his birth. He has really enjoyed to visit harbour city Gdansk with his cousin.

When they went by Royal Road Jan saw Neptune Foutain. Then Neptune told
‘I know your dreams, run to a harbour and find ship ‘Last Hope’.’ Jan sailed for many years and he became a brave man who always accompanied a good friend – Good Ghost Klabaternik. When they told one day Klabaternik said that it wasn’t Columbus discovered America, but it was Jan from Kashubia. Chronicles skipped the fact that Jan first discovered America.


Next year he made big money and he had his ship named ‘Jan from Kolno’. Then he remembered that good ghost told him he would discovere America. He started race with Columbus and he won it. A few months later all the world heard that Jan discovered America and made dreams come true. Currently one of streets Gdansk is named ‘Ulica Jana z Kolna’.