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Historical Figures in Legends- Jastarnia town and its ghosts…..

Dear Friends, I would like to share with you a legend about a coastal town Jastarnia on the way to Hel Peninsula……
I hope you like it of course connected with our subject: Historical Figures, our starost of Puck, castaways and a big tragedy of them during the storm…….

Jastarnia – a town where you can see ghosts: „The ghosts of castaways” On both sides of Kuźnica , unusual dunes are located. The highest of them were named Liibeck to commemorate the wrecks on the shores of the town in 17 th century. It was a frosty December night. Cold, gusty wind was blowing through and through, getting into houses through all the cracks, howling like a demon. The sea was roaring, showing its power. Huge waves hit the shore. Let’s hope no ships have to face the sea tonight’ the inhabitants sighed, beginning being aware of the danger luring in the darkness of the night. Unfortunately , it was only their wishful gesture .At that very moment , a ship called Liibeck , sailing from Liibeck to Gdańsk , was fighting a deadly battle with the waves. The windstorm had broken its masts, the sandbanks had stopped it and now the waves were finishing the work of destruction. The people were leaving the ship in panic, it was hard to keep its rescue boats afloat but they were the only chance to escape. Quickly! It’s going to sink any minute!-the captain was trying to yell louder than the waves and howling wind for God’s sake! Quickly! The ship was like a nutshell on the sea and the element kept crushing it with every strike of the waves. Suddenly a horrible crack of broken wood could be heard, a noise louder than squall and Liibeck fell to pieces. The ones who didn’t make it to the rescue boats, fell straight into the freezing cold water.
There was no way out for them. In the meantime , the castaways were trying to get to the land. Not many of them managed to get to the dunes. Biting frost hipped their wet clothes, taking away their energy and will of fight. The next day the sky and the sea was much calmer. The wind faded away and you could see the sun rays through the clouds. The inhabitants of Kuźnica could easily leave their houses to go to church on Sunday mass. However, what they saw on one of the dunes had them rooted to the spot. They were horrified to see the dune under the snow and covered with eerie figures, some of them were sitting some kneeling, some lying in fetal position. What is that?!-somebody asked. Is that a joke?!One of the men approched the figures and yelled: Oh my goodness , these are people! They must be castaways! Oh God! That’s from yesterday’s storm!-yelled a woman , wringing her hands. The corpses of the unfortunate people were shrivelled up from the frost , set in the positions they were in before death. Their pale and blue faces with glassy eyes and hair looking like icicles were turned towards the settlement. It was clear they must have been trying to get to the houses. We need to relocate them and inform the authorities’- said one of the witnesses. They were carried with respect to a building where a school was. One of the men went to inform the authorities. But there were a few, who searched the dunes high and low to find items from the wrecked ship. Since the sea had thrown plenty of goods and personal belongings ashore , they became quite rich thanks to that dirty business. However, the starost of Puck was informed about it and all of those dishonest were severely punished, not only for not taking care of the shores properly but mainly for stealing the belongings of the deceased. Since then the culprits had to guard the seashore even during the worst storms. That’s not the end of the story of the ship Liibeck. The bodies of the sailors were buried at a nearby cemetery. Despite of that, strange shadows started appearing in the area. People whispered between each other about mysterious figures wandering on the dunes, loud screams and moans of the dying. The people in the village were horrified. They were sure these were the souls of the ones who died on the wrecked ship, that they still roamed just where the tragedy took place. Nobody was willing to leave the house after sunset unless it was really necessary and since then they did everything they could stay away from that gloomy dunes they named Liibeck.

Made by Jakub Narkowicz Erasmus+





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