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The legend of the bat

A Romanian legend says that a young king named Bat, went once to discover the country. So, he came to a village where a witch lived. Villagers advised the King not to enter into the cave of that witch, but he did not listen them and went there. Seeing the king, the witch turned him into a mouse and gave him to her cat. Then it began a mad rush until the king-mouse managed to enter in a church and steeple there, avoiding the witch’s cat. Continue reading “The legend of the bat”

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Once upon a time, there were two little siblings left without their father and mother. One was called Ion and the other one Cuckoo.
And, after a while, they saw that they did not have anything to live with, they left to find a better living. Continue reading “THE LEGEND OF THE CUCKOO”

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The legend of the pigeon

Long time ago, there was a young prince who liked to hunt animals in the forest.

One day, in the middle of the forest, he saw on a charming lake a boat hosting a wonderful girl. The prince fell in love with her, wishing to see her again. In the next days, he didn’t find the girl at the lake and  in a moment of agony he went to a witch to help him see the girl who had stolen his heart. Continue reading “The legend of the pigeon”

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Long time ago, there was a very beautiful  princess  named Lia. Many men admired her and wanted her, but Lia did not want any of them. She had a great pain in her soul that only she and her shadow knew. Her true but uninhabited love was the Sun, for which she was willing to do anything. Dressed in men’s clothes, she decided to go looking for a possible encounter with the Sun, accompanied by her Graur horse and her shadow. She had reached the shore of a sea, and had to leave the horse and the shadow  because they could not travel by sea. Thanks to her horse, who had fled to call his brother, a sea horse. Continue reading “THE LEGEND OF THE SKYLARK”

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The legend of the stork

The legend of the stork was written by Romanian people. At the beginning of the world, the stork was a person, just like every other human. One day, God told to a man to grab a bag filled with lizards, snakes, crabs, snails, frogs, fish and to take them to the pond. He worned him, though, not to untie the bag, because once the animals were out, he could never put them back in. The man took the bag and went to the pond. Tired by all the weight he was carrying, he stopped from his way. In the bag the animals were kicking. Continue reading “The legend of the stork”