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Legend about women fighting men

Can you imagine an army of women? Fighting against men? And winning? Yes, it happened. At least the legends says so. It is connected with the famous Libuše– maybe you remember the presentation about her in previous posts here. If you want to know more download Legend-of-Girls-War.

divci valka

If you can understand Czech you can watch a funny theatre play based on the legend.

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Historical facts and myths in legends.

Our fruitful work in a the Museum of Puck Land. We went there to find some roots and historical facts about our region. A good story about Kashubian colours and a meeting with beloved granny and her granddaughter.

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Ecaterina Teodoroiu ,,The hero from Jiu “

Ecaterina Teodoriu was born in 1894 in Vadeni, on the outskirts of Targu Jiu. Immediately after Romania entered World War I, Ecaterina enrolled as a nurse, and after her brother died in a battle, she decided to join the front.

During the fighting, proving a lot of courage, Catherine was raised to the rank of second lieutenant by the decision of Queen Maria and received the command of an infantry squadron. Under her command, the soldiers were able to win important battles to defend the land. In March 2017 King Carol was decorated with the “Military Virtue” 2nd class for the bravery and devotion he showed on the battlefield.

In August 2017, during a fight on the Moldovan front, he was injured by two bullets and she died, at 17 years old, encouraging her soldiers. Her last words were: “Go forward, you are with me!”

Called ” The hero from Jiu ” Ecaterina Teodoroiu is the only example in Romania’s history, as a young woman with country love, with a rare sense of duty and unremitting courage, to fight to the supreme sacrifice for the ancestral land.

foto Ecaterina Teodoroiu

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Historical facts and myth in legends

Boruta was a devil and also a noble man who died because of his greed and thoughtless behaviour. Now I will present a film but later we will tell you a legend. What is really interesting is a metaphorical sense of it, connected even with German history or inhumane instincts the Nazi had. Destruction, killing and meanness.