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NEWSLETTER The first short-term student exchange of the Strategic Partnerships for Schools KA 2 LEGENDS ACROSS EUROPE Technical College ”Mihai Băcescu” Fălticeni, România, the 3rd to the 7 th of April 2017

Between the 3rd to the 7 th of April 2017, at the Technical College “Mihai Băcescu” from Romania

, it was held the first international exchange involving 65 students and 22 teachers from the partner countries (from Czech Republic – 7 students and 2 teachers, Slovakia – 7 students and 2 teachers, Poland – 5 students and 2 teachers, Romania – 12 students and 4 teachers from the target group and 36 other students and 12 teachers involved in different activities).

The activities included in the 5 days aimed to achieve the objectives proposed in the project, respectively:

  1. to build new relationships among young people in Europe;
  2. to improve the awareness of cultural/historical elements, with a special emphasis on folk traditions and literature;
  3. to understand the importance of diversity in different cultures;
  4. to develop the critical thinking, argumentation, the capacity of analysis synthesis and interpretation of information;
  5. to develop creativity, curiosity, imagination, innovation, personal expression, perseverance, self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, initiative;
  6. to develop the capacity for Leadership, Teamwork, Collaboration, Cooperation, Virtual capacity and of Workspaces;
  7. to develop the capacity to accept different values and cultures.

For this stage of the project, we considered the valorization, knowledge, analysis of national legends in the partner countries, the knowledge of several places in Romania that generated famous or less known legends. Thus, students and teachers have had the opportunity to share the historical and cultural values of their countries and at the same time to know and to discover some of the Romanian values and legends.

The students and teachers who arrived in Romania were greeted by their Romanian colleagues at the entrance of the school, in the beautiful Romanian tradition, with bread and salt.

On the first day of activity there were presented some elements about Romania, Suceava County, Fălticeni town and our school, the teachers from the partner schools presented the particularities of the schools and the localities where they came from and the students presented themselves and started to discuss on the project topics and to share experiences from their lives. Visiting the school premises has enabled our partners to know our work in classrooms, laboratories, workshops (clothing, auto mechanics, electronics and automation), the school gym, the canteen, where they were served the meal (the first experience of this kind for some students).

In the afternoon, we visited the Art Museum “Ion Irimescu” – a representative Romanian culture collection, the largest collection of a Romanian author, comprising 313 sculpture works, over 1,000 graphic works, plus the personal library (over 1,500 Volumes) and “Ion Irimescu” memorial space where the sculptor lived in his last seven years.

Tuesday was dedicated to the discovery of places that gave birth to legends in the northern part of Romania: The Legend of Moldavia’s foundation, The Legend of the Lady’s Stones, The Legend of the Old Woman, Dochia and the knowledge of some valuable elements of Romanian culture: Voroneţ Monastery, Suceviţa Monastery, the Ceramics Workshop from Marginea, The Museum of painted eggs from Vatra Moldoviţei

Wednesday was dedicated to a workshop on the legends from the partner countries.  Mr. Bogdan Festilă, teacher in our school, presented the meaning of legends and myths in a special way, using materials worked with students in the folkloric club “Eternity was born in the village”.

The morning activity ended with an artistic program offered by the Romanian students, where two students from Slovakia were invited to sing.

In the afternoon, we visited the Water Museum, where they found out that it is the only museum in the country with a theme about life in the terrestrial waters, seas and oceans of the world, being endowed with over 750 valuable pieces brought by the Academician Mihai Bacescu’s expeditions in the seas and oceans of the world; 480 published works; 13 aquariums with a capacity of 11 tons of water which are populated by indigenous and exotic fish, turtles, shells, crayfish and snakes; 9 dioramas presenting ecosystems from Moldova to the Atlantic Ocean, with specific flora and fauna of these areas.  In the middle of the museum, there is a majestic geographic globe which stands here since 1977, and it is unique in the world by the fact that it renders the earth’s relief on the scale (1: 8,100,000, the diameter of the globe being 160 cm); Both the relief of the land and also that of the ocean basin are represented. The Globe was executed by Geography teacher, Nicolae Isaic.

We spent the last two days of the project travelling to discover on the spot the famous Legend of Count Dracula from Bran Castle, which is well known all over the world

On Friday, we visited the architectural jewelry of Romania, the Peleş Castle, which was built on the initiative of the first King of Romania, Carol I, between 1875 and 1883. The royal residence was nationalized in 1945 but it was returned to the heirs of the royal family in 2007, keeping the right to be visited. After Bran Castle, Peles Castle is considered the second museum in the country sought by tourists.  Every year, over 300,000 visitors from across the country and from all over the world are passing the threshold of this beautiful castle.

A well-deserved stop was made in the old center of Brasov, discovering the charm and beauty of this city, situated in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, in Brasov Basin, surrounded by the snow-covered mountains, at the border between the old feudal states, Wallachia and Transylvania.

Throughout the meeting, students and teachers have worked together, communicated, collaborated, tied friendships, contributing actively to learning and developing the European dimension in education.

Our activity ended on Friday night, after 5 days, but with the satisfaction of unforgettable experiences. The activity of our project will continue, and we will see each other in June, in Slovakia for the next exchange with students.


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