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Meeting in Romania 3-7 April.


Students impressions from our visit in Romania. We spent there wonderful moments, meeting new friends, knowing the culture and having fun within Erasmus+ project. The best memories.

Dominika: When I first heard that our school participates in Erasmus+, I immediately knew I want to be a part of it. I was sure it would be great, but I didn’t expect it would be the best time in my life. This exchange was not only a great opportunity to see beautiful Romania and get to know its culture, but also to meet new people and make friends. Even though the meeting is over now, memories and friendships will last forever!


Ola: Our trip to Romania was unforgettable experience of getting to know new cultures and making friends. Despite finding out about Romanian legends, folk dance and music we could see breath-taking buildings. We had an opportunity to be around friends from other countries all day and all night, even after planned lessons we were hanging out with Romanian team as our guide. I got to know real friends, despite living apart from each other, we are like soul mates and we made promise to see each other very soon!

Paulina: Our trip to Romania was very interesting. We saw lots of beautiful places. We met new friends. The people who we met are great. Time spend there was wonderful, with wonderful people, teachers and places. I hope to go back there and to meet again . Thank you for the best time : )

Wiktoria: Trip to Romania was an amazing experience for me. The best was the opportunity to meet new people and to make friends with them. I fell in love with Romanian culture, the castles and museums which I saw. I’m happy that I could be part of this project and practice my English skills. I will never forget this trip and I can’t wait for our partners coming to Poland!

Zuzia: The trip to Romania was wonderful and unforgettable. We were in Romania five days. We spent a lot of time together with other people from Erasmus+ from different countries. Romania is a beautiful place and I want to go there again. We got to know teenagers from Romania Slovakia and Czech Republic. People were very friendly and nice. We have now  new friendships.

Project coordinator: Izabela Pałucka with our Polish team.


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