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A newsletter from Romania mobility 3-7 April 2017.


Download the Newsletter in ODT format

Sunday 2.04.2017
The journey was really long and arduous, but finally we arrived in Falticeni. We didn’t have much energy, so we went to sleep straight after accommodating.

Monday 3.04.2017
Monday was the day when our Romanian adventure began for real. Just after breakfast we went to the school, where we were welcomed by tradition – with bread and salt. Firstly, we listend to welcome speeches and saw presentations of Suceava county and its geographical, histiorical and cultural landmarks. After that, we had some time to know each other better. It was the first time teams from all four countries were together, so you can imagine there was a real uproar. After the coffee break we had small tour around the school and we also found out how some lessons look like. Later on we went out to  Ion Irimescu Art Museum, where we marveled over works of art made by  one of Romania’s greatest sculptors and sketchers. That’s when the official part of day one ended, but of course, we couldn’t help going out together afterwards.

Tuesday 4.04.2017
Our second (well, technically third) day in Romania was full of beautiful landscapes. We went on a trip around Bukovina and saw such stunning places as Voronet Monastery or Sucevita Monastery. We also had the opportunity to see Easter eggs from all over the world at Eggs Museum and soak up the culture and tradition of Romania even more visiting pottery workshop in Marginea. The trip was both tremendous and really exhausting, so we couldn’t be more happy when we arrived at the restaurant where we were having lunch. As if the delicious food wasn’t enough, we got  surprised when a local dancing group performed for us traditional Romanian dances and asked us to join them. It was fun! The day was very intense, so after coming back to the hotel we felt all in and awestruck at the same time.

Wednesday 5.04.2017
On Wednesday we did not only learn more about Romania, but also other countries participating in the exchange. We were talking about our schools, towns we live in and legends from our motherlands. After that, we could get the feel of Romanian culture even more because of students performing folk music and traditional dances, which was great, because the ones we saw the day before certainly weren’t enough! After lunch we went to the Museum of Water Mihai Bacescu where we saw various fishes and different maritime organisms. Later one we had to sum up the first part of our meeting, which was a piece of cake, because we had no doubts, that everything had been perfect in every espect! That was the last time we’ve been at the school, because we spent next two days exploring other parts of Romania.

Thursday 6.04.2017
On Thursday our Erasmus+ group visited Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle. It’s a long distance from Falticeni, but we spent it talking with our friends from Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. At about 4 p.m. we went inside the castle, which was a fortress defending the border and then it was only a summer residence for the next owners. The building was almost untouched by the time of inventing electricity. Despite old-looking inside, the guide told us Dracula’s legend, who actually existed and lived in Bran Castle.
Afterwards, we went to our rooms, but just for a moment. That evening we danced to the folk Romanian music, sat by the fireplace and had fun during our last night together.

Friday 7.04.2017
The last day was also amazing experience, Peles Castle was even more breath-taking than Bran Castle the day before. We could see beautiful building, projected by a woman. The palace had a lot of different styled rooms, made with even 14 kinds of wood! Gorgeous paintings, mirrors, various rooms, theater, library, weapon collection or even special room for brekfast. Every room was unique, different colours, surroundings and furniture. After this lovely building we got back to our hotel, that was the time of saying ‘good bye’ to our friends. Tears, smiles and emotions… some of us made friends, so after promising to visit each other we had to get back to reality.


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