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Historical Facts

We have a lot of legends connected with places and people who used to live and create different stories we have remembered for a long time.

Legend about King Popel and miceLegenda o Popielu.png

King Popiel and the mice.

Long ago, in Krushwicy by Gopło lake there was a King Popiel. The King liked feasts and hunting a lot but didn’t care about his people and  land. His wife , a German queen, wasn’t either popular among ordinary villagers.

Great Polish Knights, who were also the king’s uncles began to worry about his land.

“Your Majesty, you should stop enjoying yourself but look after your country, otherwise it falls into ruin ” ,they said when they came to Krushwicy.

Unfortunately, the king was deaf to their words. He also failed to listen to his villains who came to his castle to solve arguments, to ask for protection against barbarian tribes from the north or to invite him for an ancient custom of intertwining wreaths.

The king preferred to spend time with his wife instead. Only sometimes, in the evening, he was considering if he was doing right. One day he confessed his concern to his wife.

“ Don’t take any advice from your uncles. They are not useful, My Dear .”, she said.

“ But what if people rebelled against me my uncles would support them!? I would lose my throne.”, he continued.

“ I know how to solve  this problem”, the queen smiled nastily and  gave a bottle of poison to the king.

“ We’ll make a  great feast and invite all your uncles for it. We’ll treat them with the most delicious dishes and the best wine and then we’ll get rid of your problems.”, she said satisfied.

Great Polish Knights accepted the king’s invitation and came to the feast expecting that he had  decided to change his attitude towards his people and land. But  when they drank poisoned wine, which the  queen had prepared, they all died immediately. The queen ordered the servants to take the bodies  and throw them into a deep lake when it got dark. She was convinced that nobody would find out the truth and nobody would ever try to change the king.

However, after a few days a great number of mice appeared around the castle and their number was growing  with every minute. It was the king’s punishment for his cruelty and laziness. Soon , there were mice in every corner of the castle.

“ Let’s hide in the old tower on an island then these terrible rodents won’t reach us “, King Popiel said and sailed across the lake to the island together with his wife.

But the mice didn’t give up. They swam to the island bit through  the bottom of the boat left on the shore, so no one could run away anymore. Then,  the mice climbed the tower and  when  they  reached King Popiel and  the Queen  they ate them.

Prepared by Aleksandra Borzyszkowska I d Erasmus+ group


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