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Lady,s Rocks ,Rarău Montain

In 1538, when Moldova was ruled by Petru Rares, the Turks led by Suleiman the Magnificent attacked the fortress of Suceava. Petru Rares, betrayed by his boyars, went wandering over the mountains and his wife, Elena, took shelter in the caves and rocks from the top of Rarau Mountains, along with her son Stefanita and a part of her fortune.

The legend continues and it explains that it would be about big rocks that fell over the place where the Prince’s wealth was, burying the attackers. Lady Elena said “That’s the payment for our salvation” and then the stones were given the name “The Lady’s Rocks” and the treasure continues to stay well hidden under the huge rocks.

Today the mountainous area is a Natural Reservation called “Lady’s Rocks” which covers an area of 933 ha in Rarau Mountains and “hosting” the Bats’ Cave and the Bison’s Stone, a formation that creates a vertical wall of 100 m high and of 600 m length.


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