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Another interesting legend connected with the sea and the place we will definitely visit when you come to Poland.

A legend about Jurata
Jurata owes its name to the legendary queen who fell in love with a local fisherman. Some argue that Jurata was a siren, others believe it to be the queen of the sea. It was the name of a Lithuanian goddess of the Baltic Sea.

Jurata lived on the seabed in the amber palace. She ruled in the depths, but also was favorable to fishermen. When she learned that Kastytis  a fisherman caught too many fish, she decided to punish him. She swam to his boat, but when she saw him, immediately fell in love with him. She forgot about the punishment and took  the fisherman with her to her underwater palace. They lived there happily until the moment when she learned about the mortal god Perkun. Jealous of beautiful Jurata, lightning crashed amber castle, and his mistress chained chains to the bottom of the sea.


Amber, who can be found on the beach in Jurata from the wrecked palace of the queen, others say that these are the tears that poured after the death of her beloved Kastytis, who was killed during the storm caused by an angry god. However, the optimists believe that the fisherman was able to rescue from the abyss.


Another version of the legend says that fishermen thanked her for her help and favor. She showed them and presented as Jurata or Bursztynka. In her honor young fisherman Tos composed a song. It heard  Perkun, who immediately came to see the goddess and fell in love with her. He gave her five days to think – whether he wants to stay with him, if she wants to die along with the fisherman. Worried queen met on the shore Tos. When she told him about the meeting with Perkuna did not hesitate for a moment and sailed with her to her castle. When Perkun returned and learned of the decision of the queen, he crashed palace. In memory of those events and in honor of babysitting fishermen village called Jurate and thrown out by sea shiny pebbles amber. Jurata monument stands on the main street of the city.

By Jakub Narkowicz


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