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The Romanian Realm – places and urban legends akin to horror stories

Romania is internationally famous as being the country of Dracula. The myth has been exploited so much that it is almost no longer frightening to anyone, becoming a cliché. Even though many people are aware, to a smaller or great extent, of the story of Vlad Dracul and the manner in which he used to torture his victims, few know that Romania has a lot of other scary legends and if you would learn of them, you would think twice before visiting the places to which they are connected.

Before briefly listing some of these stories, we would like to mention that the Romanian equivalent of Halloween is the Night of St. Andrew (30th of November), when the legends say that the wolf becomes stronger, that all animals can speak on that night, but whoever listens to what they are saying will die and that, at midnight on St. Andrew’s Day, the skies open up.


People say that this place of worship has never been blessed and that it has started to degrade once the plague broke out around the year 1800. It is connected to murders, strange disappearances and horrible illnesses, and people think that this is due to the curse placed on the monastery. In order to get to the building, you literally have to walk on corpses, since it is surrounded by a cemetery that was devastated. Legend says that the church was bombarded by the Turks even before consecration. Reportedly, the Turks believed that the church was a military objective and tried to destroy it. Thus, all the documents within the church were burned, though the building itself remained standing. Its great bell was cast into the Dâmbovița River waters and, according to locals, is heard pounding on full moon nights. On the wall on the right from the entrance, in about the middle, a few feet high, detaching plaster formed in the appearance of a lady or angel, and some claim it resembles the Sphinx of Giza or Romanian Sphinx. Over the years, many disappearances have been reported in the monastery, especially of neighboring people. There were two murders, one before and one after 1990.


The people at BBC named this place the ‘Bermuda Triangle of Romania’ and identified it as one of the scariest forests in the world. It is called Baciu due to a legend that says that a shepherd entered the forest with 200 sheep and never came out of it. Moreover, many of those who gave visited the forest said that they have suffered nausea or felt faint, had marks and burns on their skin, and some of them became depressed without knowing the cause. Furthermore, many witnesses have spoken about inexplicable phenomena, such as lights in various colors and shapes, voices of men and women, bizarre local vegetation – trees taking unusual form. All these weird observances have been studied ever since 1936, while German, English, French and American experts frequently visit this place for observation/  – trailer

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